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Acer Laptop installation failed.

Booting up with OpenBSD 2.5 floppy or with 2.5 latest snapshot 
floppy on a Acer 333T Laptop fails with following message:

isa0 at mainbus0
isadma0 at isa0panic: isadmaattach: can not create DMA map

...then system halts.

Any clue on how I can workaround?

If someone from the development team wants try and fix the 
problem, just let me know how to boot it. If I manage to have the 
pcmcia ethernet linked, I can let you full-time full-access to the box 

Giacomo Cariello, jwk_(_at_)_e-tree_(_dot_)_com
KeyID: 3072/1024/0x409C9044
Fingerprint: 7984 10FD 0460 4202 BF90  3881 CDE4 D78E 409C 9044

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