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Summary: Login problem thru xdm after upgrade

Thanks for the quick response from Matthieu.  I wasn't aware that xdm
has now disable root login.  For detail, please read the response I
got.  Thanks again.

Oliver Yeh

I wrote (message from Friday 27)
 > Hi,
 > 	I recently upgrade the 2.5 to the current snapshots, I extract
 > ALL binaries from the snapshots directory.  After reboot the system
 > with the current-generic kernel I got 'Login Incorrect' when try to
 > login through Xdm, but I do not have this problem if login from any
 > of the vtys.  I've verified all file permission under /usr/X11R6/bin
 > and set Xwrapper, xlogin and xterm to suid (which I reference to my
 > other OpenBSD 2.5) but still doesn't work.
 > Thank you for any infomation you can provide.

Matthieu's response:
Do you try to log in as root ? xdm has now root logins disabled by
default. Log in as a normal user and use 'su'. 

You can also set the resource 'xlogin.Login.allowRootLogin' to 'true'
in /var/X11/xdm/Xresources to revert to the previous behaviour.