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Re: Problems Upgrading to i386 19990816 Snapshot from 2.5 vanilla

On Sun, Aug 22, 1999 at 07:16:15PM +0200, Hannah Schroeter wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 21, 1999 at 01:11:41PM +0200, Niklas Hallqvist wrote:
> > config	  bsd  root on sd1a swap on sd1b dumps on sd1b
> I have this:
> config          bsd     root on sd0a swap on sd0b dumps on sd0b
> [...]
> sd0     at scsibus? target 12 lun ?
> sd1     at scsibus? target 10 lun ?

Thanks to Hannah and Niklas, the 2.5 system I was having problems with
is now up and running with a snapshot from 19990819.

The problem was in the new ATAPI-SCSI code which numbered my ATAPI zip
disk as sd0, where I had originally installed /.  Once I re-did my
/etc/fstab for the new drive number and booted with the new kernel,
things were back to 'normal'. :)

I was already planning on a custom kernel, and now I'll incorporate
Hannah's suggestions to fix my SCSI IDs to specific devices.

I don't want to use the boot.conf method at the momemnt since that
doesn't give me access to the "boot>" prompt, but skips right over
it (by design).  Having a boot.conf is attractive, however, as it
reduces some concerns about 'easy' physical security issues (sans
boot disk).

Thanks again.

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