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vm_fault, where do I begin?


I get the following error when trying to boot my fresh installation
of OpenBSD 2.5:

starting network daemons: inetd screenblankvm_fault(0xf0679100, 0, 1,
kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped at      _bktropen+0x16: movl    0(%eax,%esi,4),%ebx

After browsing FAQ's, searching the net and posting to
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.misc without any results I downloaded the
kernel source to my Linux installation. Peeking a bit in the
sourcecode raised a few questions:

How do I go about to recompile and replace the kernel when I can
only boot Linux? AFAIK, Linux cannot write BSD disklabels.

Where do I find info on the part of the kernel that cause the fault?

The installation program could only install the kernel (/bsd), I had to
install base, comp and man packages manually after the installed
finished. (I did this using tar xzf <pkg>.tgz.) I think the installer
was unable to find the tgz's because I made the CD with joliet filesys.
No networking is configured. (This does however not stop it from trying
to start networkdependant services during startup) The machine I'm
using is an AMD K6-2 300 with S3V card, Voodoo-1 card, SB16, 64mb RAM
and NE2000 compat netcard. It all works fine under Linux and NetBSD.

Also, any tips on how to find and correct this problem are welcome.


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