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EtherExpress Pro/10 not working

I'm trying to install OpenBSD on a box with two network cards:  An 
SMC 8216 (which was quite an adventure, but is working thanks to 
the special note in INSTALL.i386) and an EtherExpress Pro/10.  

I have been quite unable to get the Intel card to work.  In my initial 
attempts, it was recognized by isapnp0, but "not configured".  The 
docs seem to indicate that only a small number of PnP cards are 
supported, not including that one, so I disabled PnP in the card.  
Now it is not seen by isapnp0, nor is it recognized by any other 

I believe this card is supposed to be ex, though the docs are 
particularly vague on this matter.  (In particular, the non-existent ex 
(4) man page is described as "Excelan 10 Mb/s Ethernet 
interface".)  I have the card configured to port 0x320, irq 5, to 
match the kernel config, but still no go.

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