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Re: tcpdump/bpf/libpcap versions in tree outdated?

On Sun, May 30, 1999 at 08:23:21PM -0400, kwesterback_(_at_)_home_(_dot_)_com wrote:
> [clip]
> Are the versions of tcpdump, etc. in the OpenBSD tree going to be sync'd with
> the versions at ee.lbl.gov or is OpenBSD pursuing an independant course?

Having worked on improving libpcap myself for Linux I can tell you that
the ee.lbl.gov maintainers of libpcap *DO NOT* accept patches from
the outside, at least for linux. Several people I have traded email with
about this "issue" have said they have received some rather nasty emails
from them about not accepting any patches.  I have resigned myself to 
just providing patches to their source off my own web page.

You might be interested in a guy who has done a fair bit of libpcap
"upgrading". Especially for IPv6 support and "linux specific performance
improvements". At the bottom of http://www.inner.net/~cmetz/ipv6  you'll
find links to his libpcap source. He might be able to provide you with a
contact at lbl.gov, but I wouldnt count on it ;)

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