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ARP strangeness

Greetings all:

I am having a strange problem with ARP on a P-90 box running 2.4.
The system seems to sequentially ignore specific hosts on my LAN
by failing to hear and/or reply to their ARP requests. The hosts in
question have thus far been able to communicate with all of the 
other hosts on the LAN save for the OBSD box. In the last incident,
I was able to get things going by manually entering an ARP table
entry on the OBSD box. FWIW, the OBSD box is using two SMC 8013 ISA
Ethernet cards, and the hosts that have been ignored include a 
PowerMac, a NeXT, and another PC running FreeBSD. What makes me 
suspect something with the OBSD software is that sunday afternoon,
the NeXT was unable to communicate with the OBSD box, and I did 
nothing to "fix" it, and yet by sunday night, these two hosts were
communicating again.

Larry Gadallah, VE6VQ                            larry_(_at_)_gadallah_(_dot_)_com
Calgary, Alberta, Canada             http://www.gadallah.com/~larry
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