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current kernel compiling problem


when i saw yesterday's cvs commits of uvm sources, i became very unstable 
on my chair :-) i upped src repository and started digging around it. i 
perfectly know it's a draft code and it's a long way to get it working 
stable, i'm just experimenting...

well i upped the tree, created conf file with "option UVM" and made
"config -s <my_cvs_src_path> <conf_file>". config done everything and
said its usual "don't forget to make depend" :-) but when i do "make depend"
in compile dir, i get following message:

<my_cvs_src_path>/sys/uvm/uvm_swap.c:50: sys/swap.h: No such file or directory

yep, there's no such file in the upped source tree nor in my whole system 
(which is patched 2.4/i386 release for now). where is that file? :-)

hope this info was useful...