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panic: malloc: out of space in kmem_map

There is one really annoying panic with obsd....

out of space in kmem_map.. The last person who reported this panic also found
that they could fix it with

option 	MAX_KMAP=40
option	MAX_KMAPENT=2000

I have tried this with 80 and 4000, and it works fine on some machines...I
also have some machines with several concurrent users I have tried cranking
these values to 160 and 8000, and the machine will still panic!

Is there something else I should look at?

This seems to be a pretty universal problem, independent of hardware, except
that it happens with i386 in general (i've done it on scsi and ide, all
different cpus, various ram sizes, etc..)

The other crappy part of this panic is that it just sits there with...

syncing disks....

and the machine needs to be manually rebooted... hmm..

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