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TCP/FTP Problem with WinNT?+System+Info+contnd.

I try unsuccessfully to download a 6MB file
from ftp01.umax.com.
It starts and then slows down and then stops....?
I can't figure it out at all what's happening.
I try probably for 15-20th time,
and the result is the same.
The ftp server at the other place is WindowsNT.
the system I run is 2.4 obsd/i386/pentium150/+tcpfix.patch
applied+custom kernel.

Tony Sarendal wrote:

> Have you used tcpdump to see I everything looks
> OK ?
> Do you get some kind of error message ?
> Tony

nope, haven't seen it with tcpdump.
have tryed through socks server on the questioned machine.
same result. after some 600KB download, it freezes the connection.
now, i have an open ftp-data conn. to some high port at ns1.umax.com,
and it has downloaded [with the ftp client of the openbsd] only 97kb
and has frosen again.
BTW, I applied the tcpfix patch under /sys/netinet and without the
-p0 flag. Does it matter? the man says, it matters if the patch touches
more than 1 file and in different dirs. the tcpfix only touches
under /sys/netinet.
Thus far, the conn to ns1.umax.com has frosen, almost 1.5 hours. Netstat
shows state ESTABLISHED. nothig special.

ANY ideas?

/* fire */

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