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Problems with DOS FAT16 FS under 2.4

I am using 2.4 on a notebook where it shares the disk with a
Sin95 system. The DOS partition is FAT-16 and it's the original
Sin95 product so it is not FAT-32.

Quite often when accessing the DOS filesystem under 2.4 current-
as of a couple of weeks ago- I get one of two problems.

1) "invalid argument" message, and the file is inaccessible
2) process hangs forever, in state D on WCHAN "denode". In case of
problem #2, system shutdown never completes properly - it's pretty
solidly wedged.

Anybody seen either or both of these? I didn't see anything quite
like it in the online bugs page, nor a fix for it in the "daily
changelog" page, unless it's "More locking fixes in the vfs layer.";
I'll update my kernel and rebuild next time I'm back at home
and on my server.


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