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VPNing with OpenBSD


I'm somewhat new to OpenBSD.  I'm trying to set up a VPN using two OpenBSD
boxes as firewalls on either end of a simlated WAN.  In trying to set this
up, I am following the instructions located at this URL: 


but, unfortunately, it's a somewhat outdated HOWTO.  My main problem is
that, after starting photurisd, I try to issue the following startkey command

# startkey 

and I receive the somewhat oblique

missing = in

in response.  Can someone help me figure out what this means?  

Also, do I need to recompile my kernel to use Ipsec properly, or is it
already supported in the version of OpenBSD I'm using, which is 2.3?


John-Paul Pagano
Unix Systems Administrator
Voice: (212) 208-0828
Fax: (212) 825-1040