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Opinions on what to do about STATFS

There's no more room for flags in the f_flags field of statfs. I need
some way of indicating that a mounted file system has soft updates
enabled and running on it. Here are two proposals:

1) Have the combination (MNT_SYNCHRONOUS | MNT_ASYNC) mean that soft
updates is enabled. 

Advantages: Don't have to touch statfs structure 
Programs that don't know about this hack might get confused about the
actual semantics of file system updates.

2) Take over one of the spare fields in statfs for an f_eflags
register. Since spare[0] is already being used by cd9660 to pass its
mount flags back, I suggest hijaacking spare[1]. Here is the diff:

struct statfs {
	short	f_type;			/* type of file system (unused; zero) */
	short	f_flags;		/* copy of mount flags */
	long	f_bsize;		/* fundamental file system block size */
	long	f_iosize;		/* optimal transfer block size */
	long	f_blocks;		/* total data blocks in file system */
	long	f_bfree;		/* free blocks in fs */
	long	f_bavail;		/* free blocks avail to non-superuser */
	long	f_files;		/* total file nodes in file system */
	long	f_ffree;		/* free file nodes in fs */
	fsid_t	f_fsid;			/* file system id */
	uid_t	f_owner;		/* user that mounted the file system */
	long    f_syncwrites;           /* count of sync writes since mount */
	long    f_asyncwrites;          /* count of async writes since mount */
-	long	spare[2];
+	long    f_fsspecflags;          /* FS specific flags */
+	long    f_eflags;               /* extra flags */
	char	f_fstypename[MFSNAMELEN]; /* fs type name */
	char	f_mntonname[MNAMELEN];	  /* directory on which mounted */
	char	f_mntfromname[MNAMELEN];  /* mounted file system */

The f_eflags field will be populated by flags starting with the STATFS_
prefix. For example,

#define STATFS_SOFTUPD  0x00000001

Advantages of this approach: Clarity, simplicity
Disadvantages: We've used up all the spare bits in statfs. If somebody
else comes along with a great new feature for statfs, more radical
surgery will be necessary. 

Feedback on the choice of names/approach would be appreciated.


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