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USB Test Kernel

a generic USB kernel is available for testing at
ftp.curium.com/pub/bsd.usbgen . along with it is an updated MAKEDEV.
plesae let me know of any problems/succes you have had. the only problem
which i can anticipate would be the drivers failing to attach properly, if
this is so, can someone please help me out?

anyways, this kernel includes a driver for the intel and open host usb
controllers. devices include hubs, mice, hid devices(such as joysticks),
and a printer driver. unfortunately, i have not been able to get the
keyboard driver in yet.

attachments should work as follows: 
# PCI USB controllers
uhci*   at pci?                         # Universal Host Controller (Intel)
ohci*   at pci?                         # Open Host Controller

# USB bus support
usb*    at uhci?
usb*    at ohci?

# USB Hubs
uhub*   at usb?
uhub*   at uhub? port ?

# USB Mice
ums*    at uhub? port ?

# USB Generic HID devices
uhid*   at uhub? port ?

# USB Printer
ulpt*   at uhub? port ?

thank you,

sahir azam.

* Cm *
- sahir_(_at_)_curium_(_dot_)_com -

ps- thanks to everyone who has already helped me out, especially fgsch

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