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mouse under X

I'm having trouble setting up my mouse under X.  It's a generic serial
mouse, made by PC concepts.  It's brand new, and works under Windows.  The
box says it's Microsoft and Mouse Systems compatible.  It does not work at
all under XF86Setup.  I have tried all the protocols and all the devices
to no avail.  I did get it to move once, but it was jerky and bounced
around the screen, and I don't remember what protocol/device it was on at
the time.  The serial port it is plugged into is in the first serial port
on the motherboard, and I have also tried it on the second connection on
the motherboard as well.

Does anyone have one of these mice?  Any hints for me as to setting it up?
I just got a new motherboard, the old one had a ps/2 connection.  I have
also read /usr/X11R6/lib/X11R6/doc/README.mouse but that didn't help

Thank you very much!

Michael Monson
Computer Science major
Mankato State University

Finger for PGP 5.0i public key
email: monsom1_(_at_)_krypton_(_dot_)_mankato_(_dot_)_msus_(_dot_)_edu