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Re: Large IDE disks

> That depends.  It could be both, or just OpenBSD.  The old/standard BIOS api
> does not allow for more than 1024 cylinders.  (Which is usually downed to
> 1023 due to diagnostic things).  But there are ways to use that extra space.
> You only need the first partition fully within that 1024.  The rest can go
> "outside" it.  You best bet, is to install win95, and then install OpenBSD
> after it.  Let fdisk use the rest of the disk.  When you disklabel the disk,
> make sure that the 'a' partition is within the 1023 limit, and all should be
> fine.  The others should be fine extending over the fdisk partition.

Here's my solution to the problem:
I made a partitioen above cyl 1023 using PartitionMagick and realized I
needed to change the partition ID to A6. Couldn't to it with PM or OpenBSD's
fdisk, so I downloaded RedHat's boot and rescue disk, used that fdisk to
change the ID. Finally, I made a disklable and ran newfs in OpenBSD and now
everything works just fine.

You could probably do the whole thing with RedHat's fdisk, but wouldn't it
be nicer if OpenBSD's fdisk didn't have these limitations?

/ Martin

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