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Re: freeze and test installation

> From: Marco S Hyman <marc_(_at_)_snafu_(_dot_)_org>
> Correct.  Code snapshots are available in the directory
> 	ftp://ftp.openbsd.org/put/OpenBSD/snapshots/<arch>/
> Check the dates!  The i386 snapshot was made on the 29th, the X
> code a bit earlier (the 17th).


I found that one to be very slow from here.  Could barely get 2KBps.

I looked at the web pages, and found that the ftp servers list is a bit
screwed up.  UMich is listed in two places, both under an old name that
no longer exists.  Needs to be fixed!

Some investigation found that ftp1.usa.openbsd.org is now
bigfoot.eecs.umich.edu here, and so I used that server.

But, comp24.tar.gz has a bad checksum near the end, and tar complains
about a header error near the beginning.  I checked twice.

Could someone rebuild that file?

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