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Two system won't boot..

I am attempting to bring upo OpenBSD on two different architectures.

System one:

a 486 DX4-132 only ruinning @ 120 MHz, an IDE 1.2 GB drive, floppy, and cdrom.
I created the boot floppy and, and attempted to boot it to do the install.  I
prints out stuff down to and inluding the boot line with the text, initialized
data and bss sizes and and the entry point then it just flat stops doing any
thing (I have left in that state for hours, to do other things, and there is
NO advance from this position.

I have tried with caches enbled and disabled, resetting the BIOS to bios
defaults -- no joy.

I posted a message to the misc list, and it was suggested that I collect the
debug boot floppy image -- the same stuff, and the additional output is of no
haelp illuminating the problem.

QAfter the bootline with sizes, the exec{} output looks just like I think it

System two:

Sparc 10 (Karch sun4m)

booting from either cdrom or sparc floppy yoelds the same results, to wit:

I successfully install the whole thing.  The root partition is sd0a, SCSI
target 0.  The boot block gets installed, but the architecture is incorrectly
reported as Sun4c.  The system will not boot, no matter what target It
attempts to boot from.  So I booted from cdrom, and manually ran the
installboot program with the following command line:

# installboot -a sun4m /Bmnt/usr/mdec/boot/B mnt/usr/mdec/bootxx /dev/sd0c

But no joy.

In each case what have I done wrong?  I would like to get the install done on
the 486, and the installed operating system booted on Sparc 10.



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