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probs with memory detection, i386


as Subj. says, i found one old pc and wanted to make of it m$-free comp.
Unfortunately OpenBSD install-floppy (from 2.3 release - floppy23.fs) it
detects only 12MB of 16MB existing. The other thing it dies with non-maskeble
interrupt when i type "machine regs"...

Maybe somebody has seen something like this or could help with the probs.
I so want to get this box working...

Thanks in advance.

de Nis.



-- Memoria...

This comp is 486DX5(?) 133MHz (AMD), 16MB (see note below), and 830MB IDE HD.
Memory is mixed: 2x4MB non-EDO SIMMs and 1 8MB EDO SIMM, placed in the first
three slots - 4, 8, 4. BIOS POST counts "16000 KB OK" when checking. May be
OpenBSD boot unproperly detects one 4MB SIMM and talks only about 12800 MB?

It looks like:

reading boot......
pc0 detected
com0 detected
com1 detected
using pc0 console
memory: 639K 12800K [A20 on]
disk: fd0 hd0*
bios: pci
>> OpenBSD BOOT 1.23
boot> machine memory
Region 0: type 1 at 0x0 for 639KB
Region 1: type 2 at 0x9fc00 for 1KB
Region 2: type 1 at 0x100000 for 12800KB
Region 3: type 2 at 0xfec00000 for 1024KB
Region 4: type 2 at 0xfee00000 for 1024KB
Region 5: type 2 at 0xffff0000 for 64KB
Low ram: 639KB  High ram: 12800KB
Total free memory: 13439KB

-- non-maskable interrupt

Well, it became any time i type "machine regs" and press enter. I tried about
3 times and all the times it was the same effect, with all the same numbers.

boot> machine regs
trap 9(0): non-maskable interrupt
eax	128a8	ecx	0	edx	0	ebx	127c7
esp	ffa4	ebp	ffb8	esi	1	edi	0
eip	128ad	eflags	46	cs	8	ss	10
ds	10	es	10	fs	10	gs	10

Code dump [0x1a000]:
1 4000000 16040000 1160400 11604 c4000116 19c40001 119c400
119c4 38000119 1a380001 11a3800 11a38 c800011a 1ac80001 11ac800
11ac8 d400011a 1ad40001 11ad400 11ad4 4000011d 1b400001 11b4000
11b40 7800011b 1b780001 11b7800 11b78 100011b 10001 100
1 39000000 11390000 1113900 11139 b8000111 53 b80001 153b800
153b8 b0000153 4eb00001 14eb000 14eb0 a800014e 54a80001 153b800

Stack trace [0xffa4]:
9 0 0 0 0 ad000000 28ad0000 128ad00
128ad 8000128 80001 800 8 46000000 460000 4600
46 d0000000 ffd00000 ffd000 ffd0 eb0000ff 5eb0000 105eb00
105eb ff000105 ffff0001 ffffff00 ffffffff 77ffffff 77ffff 10077ff
10077 c7000100 27c70001 127c700 127c7 c7000127 27c70001 127c700
127c7 d8000127 ffad80001 ffd800 ffd8 3b0000ff 33b0000 1033b00