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Re: HFS Filesystem Support

> You might want to consider making it an lkm, especially if there are GPL
> issues.  Easier to debug, easier to ship separately if necessary.  Take a
> look at arla's xfs module if you decide to do this.

Okay, I think that, for the ease of hacking the fs once I get the lkm
loading, I am going to do this as a loadable module.  It can't be too
difficult to integrate it into the kernel once it is written and working
as an lkm, and it takes awhile to boot my computer up, so I think I can
get this done a lot quicker and with a lot less frustration if I write it
originally as an lkm.

I've looked through the stuff in /usr/share/lkm and am starting to
get an understanding of how the LKM thing works.  However, when I try to
load an LKM modload tells me:
'not loading symbols: kernel does notsupport symbol table loading: 
Operation not permitted'
   ... and then ...
'can't reserve memory: Operation not permitted'

Is there some special kernel configuration I need to do to get this to
work?  I'm fairly certain that I built my kernel with LKM support, but am
not sure if there's anything else I need to do.  Anyone? :)

  -- Ari

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