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Re: HFS Filesystem Support

>Now, the problem is taking all the hooks to the Linux kernel and
>translating them to work in the OpenBSD kernel.
If you want to see this integrated into the OpenBSD distribution, beware of
the nasty GPL monster.

Yeah.  I don't plan on seeing it ever integrated into the distribution,
but at this point the Linux stuff is what I have to work with, and, having
never coded a filesystem into OpenBSD before, feel that starting with some
working code is a good idea.  Depending on the results of that I may
recode this specifically for OpenBSD so that it can be distributed as part
of the kernel distribution.  I appreciate the warning though. ;)

>What I really need is a kernel hackers' guide like exists for Linux to
>give me a jump start in the right direction.  If anyone knows of such a
>document, or has notes from their filesystem-adding experiences with
>OpenBSD, let me know.
The best guide is probably 'The Design and Implementation of the 4.4 BSD
Operating System'.  After that, there's always the source to unionfs,
nullfs, etc.  (all the stuff in /sys/miscfs).

Great fun, that book.  I don't have a copy around, but while I look for
one I'll peruse the stuff in miscfs.  One question though: Say I wrote
this thing, where would I put it?  /sys/miscfs/hfs perhaps?

Thanks again.
  -- Ari

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