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2.3 install irregularities


So I was nuking my SCO box to put OpenBSD on it, and I've run
into some trouble.

I have an IBM PS/ValuePoint 486/33 (DX) with 40M of RAM and two
260M IDE disks installed. It's a fairly vanilla machine, although
it is an IBM. It has an ET4000 on the motherboard as well as a PS/2
mouse poirt. It also has a 3com 3c507 in it. Anyway, when I use 
the 2.3 bootdisk (floppy23.fs) boot loader panics!

I get 
"reading boot...."

trap: 9(0):L non-maksable interrupt
eax 0	 ecx 26ffc00 edx 	0	cbx 26ffc00
esp ffa0 ebp ffb0    esi    10866       edi 0
eip 12e7c eflags 93  cs         8        ss 10 
ds 10 es 10 fs 10 gs 10

Are there internal devices on that machine I should turn off?

I've prevented any bone-headedness-- I tried three different floppies.


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