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boot and install man page bugs

Here are a few of man page problems I found by apropos last week, where
I cannot figure out the correct name of the page, and thus cannot read
it.  Probably error made while creating the pages some time ago....

boot (8) - second-stage bootstrap
boot (8) - system bootstrapping procedures
boot (9) - halt or reboot the system

installboot (8) - install a bootstrap on a FFS disk or partition
installboot (8) - installs a boot program in a file system

reboot (2) - reboot system or halt processor
reboot (8) - UNIX bootstrapping procedures
reboot, halt (8) - stopping and restarting the system

"man 8 reboot" always gets latter.

SuperProbe (1) - probe for and identify installed video hard ware.
XF86DGAQueryExtension, XF86DGAQueryVersion, XF86DGAQuery DirectVideo, XF86DGAGetVideo, XF86DGADirectVideo, XF86DGASetVidPage, XF86DGASetViewPort, XF86DGAView PortChanged, XF86DGAGetViewPortSize, XF86DGAInstallCol ormap, XF86DGAForkApp (3X11) - XFree86-DGA
XInstallColormap, XUninstallColormap, XListInstalledCol ormaps (3X11) - control colormaps
XtParseAcceleratorTable, XtInstallAccelerators, XtInstall AllAccelerators (3Xt) - managing accelerator tables
XtParseTranslationTable, XtAugmentTranslations, XtOverrideTranslations, XtUninstallTranslations (3Xt) - manage translation tables

The above looks like a missing blank line after the header.

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