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Re: on installation


Ah, there's so much talking about OpenBSD installation, so there's my 2c.
Why people do not learn some things and they want somebody else to do that?
OpenBSD installation is the best i've seen for UNIXes (4 example i installed 
AIX, RedHat, FreeBSD). It wasn't to simple in 2.1 release, but i just read
INSTALL.i386 and got almost everything. I wrote once about disklabel
editing, in earlier releases it was done with vi but it didn't make any
problems to me. Now, 2.3 release has much more simplier install program
wich allows quickly and without additiona troubles to set your file systems.
Unfortunately i see people writting they want "interface", they want
all systems moving to bill-made-like staff. There're ideas even about
X-install... yeah, why not to use wind0ze then?
There's also was suggested to rewrite installation in Perl. Uhm, will it
*really* increase installation performance? Most of installation time the
special utilities work: ftp, tar, gzip; wich also needed when you simply
booted your systeM off floppy. So will perl usage help here? Shell script
need only /bin/sh (not mention to utils here) and the shell is needed for
you as command interpreter. Perl scripts will need perl interpreter as
minimum and may be some modules and includes. On the other hand i heard
there's no too much space on installation floppies so this can make
problems. IMHO shell using doesn't slow installation so much that it become
main thing to change.
The ideas about sets paritioning into a bigger number, may be those ideas
are not bad, but when i tried to install FreeBSD i looked at their packages
and didn't know what i need! In OpenBSD files separated into sets very well,
you can quickly and simply choose what you want to have on your machine.
For example i don't know what is kernel developer and how it differ from
other kinds of developers (FreeBSD), i just know that i need compilers+
libraries and kernel sources to compile custom kernel.
And OpenBSD doesn't problem me: i choose compXX.tar.gz and srcsys.tar.gz!

I'd suggest to change nothing in base and ideology of installation,
it's pretty enough to people that *know what they want*.


If you read INSTALL.xxx file(s) and still don't know what to do, may be
you're trying to take weight you cannot pick up?

de Nis.

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