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Problem with ram during boot

Greetings and Salutations,

I am trying to boot OpenBSD 2.1 on a DEC 5000-240.  It gets as far as the
size and starting (1st and 2nd line shown during boot) and panics.  I have
gotten the kernal I am using to boot (and complete an install) on other
DEC 5000-240's.  The only difference between this machine and the 5000
that worked is the memory configuration.  Each machine has 64 megs, but
the one that booted and installed OpenBSD had 2 32's.  This one (the one
that won't boot) has 8 8's.

My question is, "Is there something wrong with the memory maping in
OpenBSD?"  I mean each slot can hold a 32meg chip.  I am only putting in
an 8.  This leaves 24 megs of address space that is empty and unusuable.
Does OpenBSD have some problem with this?

Any information would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for all your time,
Daniel Colpi
Purdue University Biology Department