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Official X on Obsd/pmax 2.3


Perhaps this can help someone. I am running 2.3 -current (as of May 5th -
currently in the process of make build from yesterday's snapshot). When I
tried to upgrade X to the official 2.3 distribution two things broke: 

1. Xcfbpmax didn't work for me. Similar problem as with 2.2 distribution -
this time mouse works, but screen is screwed up. Resolved by using my old
server (from what I can see they are of the same vintage, X11R5).

2. XDM broke. It took me a while to realize that the default authorization
was set to XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 and that my X server didn't like that.
Resolved by entering:

DisplayManager._0.authName:     MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1

into the xdm-config file. I suspect I need to recompile the X server and
enable DES... Oh well...


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