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pmax port now uses 16 partitions

The pmax port has finally switched over to 16 partitions in the
disk label.  Here is the safest way to switch over.

    0) make sure your tree if up to date
    1) copy the new src/etc/etc.pmax/MAKEDEV to /dev/MAKEDEV
    2) re-run config on your kernel config file and build a new kernel.
       Stash the new kernel as /bsd.new
    3) make build (*)
    4) reboot into single user mode (with old kernel)
    5) mount -u /
    6) mv bsd bsd.old
    7) mv bsd.new bsd
    8) cd /dev
    9) rm rz[1-9]* rrz[1-9]*
    10) ./MAKEDEV rz0 rz1 rz2 rz3 rz4 rz5 rz6 rz8 rz9 rz10 rz11 rz12 rz13 rz14
    11) reboot

 - todd

* Theoretically you could just "make includes" and just rebuild things
  that reference MAXPARTITIONS (newfs, fsck, disklabel, etc).  It *may*
  be enough to rebuild just sbin.