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a PCI question


I have a question for PCI gurus out there. I've a Miro PCTV board that
I'm  trying to use for a project I'm working on. 

In my main PC, it is probed with vendor Id 0x009e by the various PCI
probe functions I have access to (XFree86's scanpci, Sun's prtpci,
OpenBSD and NetBSD kernel probe), whereas the expected vendor Id is
0x109e. Under Windows 95 the board is probed correctly by the PNP
stuff, but it doesn't work. All other hardware is working correctly as 
far as I can tell.

In another PC it gets probed correctly and the Win95 software (and
Linux's BTTV) works OK.

Both PC have similar setups:

Asus motherboard with Award BIOS (+ P166 for the non working one, P133
for the working  one)
PCI Adaptec 2940 SCSI
PCI VGA board (Cirrus 5446 for the non working one, Mach 64CT for the
ISA ethernet board 
ISA SoundBlaster

Any idea what's causing this behaviour ? Is it a standard way for the
PCI probe to indicate a conflict or do I have a hardware problem on
the first machine ?

Thanks in advance.