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The OpenBSD Bible

My name is Chris Lalor (nick StiKy), and about a month ago I started
writing an easy to read reference piece for OpenBSD (ala the FreeBSD
Handbook). Two nights ago, I unfortunately lost what amounted to about
30 pages of HTML, due to a zip-disk's media going bad. But I am not
wasting your time to bitch and whine about my misfortune, I am instead
asking a favour of the OpenBSD community - I am looking for some
individuals who would be willing to help me with the following:

1.) There are platforms that I simply do not have access to (sun3,
alpha, mips, pmax, mac, powerpc) and at times I am going to need to be
able to e-mail someone to ask them how a certain procedure might be
different on their platform, I am also going to need some help
"cross-platform proofing" to make sure that I am not making an ass of
myself by asuming that something just works the same way everywhere
2.) I am definately not looking for people to be at my beck and call, I
respect everyones right to a private life, and I promise not to nag
3.) I know that if I have a question or problem I need answered I can
always go to Theo, but I want to avoid this at all possible cost, Theo
is a great resource, but he does enough as it is, so I just need some
other people I can turn to.
4.) There are certain topics that I am far from an expert at, so I am
looking for anyone that might happen to have unparalleled knowledge in a
certain field, who would be willing to write a "laymans reference" about
that topic.
5.) If anyone else out there has a truly twisted concept of fun, and
thinks that they might want to help full time, I would be more than
willing to have someone else to blame all of the problems on (just
kidding) Seriously though, if you happen to be a fast writer, and you
have a good general understanding of OpenBSD, I would be happy to have
your assistance.

If you are interested/willing to help in this project, please e-mail me
at firebird_(_at_)_netaxis_(_dot_)_com <-- I'm planning on dedicating this account for
the sole use of the "OpenBSD Bible Project"

PS. If you have any suggestions as to what to name this reference piece,
please drop them at the above e-mail address. I'm only calling it the
OpenBSD Bible, so it has a name, and so people can differentiate from
the FreeBSD Handbook

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