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TMC 1680 problems

Ive got a TMC1680 SCSI card which i installed on my P200MMX machine. I do
not have drivers for this SCSI, i downloaded them from Adaptec site. When i
boot up the machine, it identifies the SCSI and installs the driver.
However, it seems that it is disabling the SCSI due to a code 22. I assumed
that there is conflict with the IRQ or DMA. The default is 11 for IRQ which
is conflicting. I tried changing the SCSI card to 12 but still no hope. On
the actual SCSI i changed the on/off switches to 12 according to a board
plan downloaded from the internet, however tha picture does not look like
my SCSI (the dimms or dills are locted differently, however they due read
the same, if that makes any sense to you). Im not sure if the probelm is
the card itself or my comptuer is overloaded...too many DMAs used ...etc.. 

What do you suggest??? Help!!!!

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