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Re: New i386 boot floppy available

> Please test this floppy in your i386 boxes, and let me know if there
> are any problems.
My systems boot fine with this floppy, they get to the prompt without
any surprises.

One is a Thinkpad 340, booted with and without the DLINK 650 PCMCIA card
(the keyboard is dead when the prompt is displayed, but that's a known
 pcvt problem).

The other is an Asus P55TP4N/P166+/48MB/NCR810/Trio64/NE2000, 2 scsi hd
and scsi cdrom.

It apparently recognises my cpu as a cyrix now (saw a message
flying by, but had no time to read it all)

I also played around a bit with the commands at the boot prompt, and
encountered some strange stuff:

- "machine diskinfo" now only lists the available devices, i.e. fd0,
  hd0, and hd1 on my PC, instead of fd0,fd1,fd2,fd3,hd0,...

  That is all fine, but it lists hd0 as unknown and hd1 as scsi, while
  both are scsi disks.

  I have OpenBSD on hd1 in case that matters, and since I don't have
  any IDE devices, all the IDE stuff has been disabled in the bios.

- "machine regs" lists the registers as before, i.e.
       trap: non-maskable interrupt
   just like the 2.2 boot floppy does.

   However, it doesn't return to the prompt, need to reboot after this.

- "machine cnvmem" shows 
       cnvmem 639boot>
  i.e. there's a newline missing

- "machine extmem" shows
       extmem 48128booting....
  i.e. not even a prompt, it just starts booting!

That's about it. I'm still experiencing boot problems with the ncr
driver (sometimes need to reboot a couple of times before it passes
the scsi probe without problems), but that is not related to the new
boot floppy.

"The thing you really believe in always happens... and the
 belief in a thing makes it happen."
    - Frank Lloyd Wright

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