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X server on 3MIN/pmax with sfb?


I am trying to get the X going on the DS5000/133 with sfb (PMAGB-BA) under
OpenBSD 2.2 (SFB is a slightly more intelligent fb than cfb, but cfb
server works fine on SFBs under NetBSD /according to the NetBSD list/). 

Xcfbpmax (X11R5-pl26) server starts OK (and I get the 3 xterm windows and
the clock), but the mouse doesn't work and keyboard stays in text mode. I
also get the message: Can't configure mouse/keyboard. When looking thru
source I found that this message comes from

/usr/src/sys/arch/pmax/dev/qvss_compat.c (genConfigMouse() routine)

since the switch statement falls thru to the default case. 

I suspect this has something to do with the kernel configuration but I
can't find the right configuration to make this work (and the 3MIN doesn't
appear to have the DC7085 device which seems to be important in this

Anyone got any ideas?



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