OpenBSD tech archive

  • Bug found in ipnat's RDR code, Matthew E. Patton
  • Shared libraries on pmax platform, Stephen Darragh
  • The screen saga - problem solved, Stephen Darragh
  • wdc.c fix for restarted disk ops, Jim Rees
  • identd, Stephen Darragh
  • wdc.c retries, Jim Rees
  • Linux compatibility, Wesley Griffin
  • com driver headaches, Jim Rees
  • 3c905 woes, Blair Sadewitz
  • pcmcia and buses, Jim Rees
  • Re: pcmcia, Angelos D. Keromytis
  • FYI: gcc problem on PPC, does it apply to *BSD ?, Matthieu Herrb
  • Com port problems?, chavez
  • 2.2 cd release, Spicoli
  • ncr driver crash during 2.2 install, Gert-Jan Vons
  • a black cat in a dark room? -- problems, Denis A. Doroshenko
  • ISA PnP, Jason Downs
  • Chatscript Problems, Rudy Ray Moore
  • problem with xdm, Justin Kalina
  • my xdm problem, Justin Kalina
  • IBM TP and ATA Card, Jason and Guada
  • Re: Install problem, BIOS/Probed memory mismatch (fwd), Geoff O'Callaghan
  • Understanding readdir and persistent NFS duplication, Constantine Sapuntzakis
  • BusLogic BT-946C, Chris Cappuccio
  • Jaz drive on OpenBSD/pmax 2.2, Nino Margetic

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