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New Pentium Bug

In case anyone hasn't heard, there is a bug in the Pentium and Pentium-MMX
chips called the "Pentium FO" bug. A few instructions can cause it to
freeze up.

I'll skip the rant again Intel here, because I am sure others can rant
better than I. I am sure the people on non-intel platforms have a big "I
told you so" smirk on their face.

What to do? Other than a hardware fix (Do you think Intel will offer to
replace the chips? I doubt it), an upgrade (I don't know if Pentium-II
and P-Pro are vulnerable, but that is besides the point), or an
architecture change (ouch), or not letting users upload and run their own
programs (doesn't make a shell machine too useful), some operating system
hack is needed.

Until I learn more about the bug, this is all just a shot in the dark.
Some sort of "wrapper", in the shell, that checks the program for naughty
code before running it is the best thing I can think of. Of course, this
is going to eat some CPU time, and isn't undefeatable.

Another method, which could possibly save a bit on the overhead of
checking before running, is a 'validation' system that checks the code
before running it the first time, keeps a MD5 signature of a program that
passes, and checks a list of 'validated' programs before doing the
exhaustive validations.

So this is just off the top of my head. If I have totally overlooked
something, please let me know in a kind and gentle manner.