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status of netatalk in OpenBSD ?

i've just updated our OpenBSD machine here which plays somekind of a
gateway between macs and the unix machines via cap (columbia
appletalk package) from some months ago to current sources (current as
of mid september) and since then cap is no longer working correcly -
it can't see anylonger all machines on the appletalk net (booting the
old kernel gives me back all machines - so there has definitely
something in the kernel changed which breaks cap on OpenBSD - i386 in
this case) - so my question now is - how far is the inclusion of
netatalk into the OpenBSD kernel - is it usable yet ? - that means is
it possible to use the printer and filesharing parts of it somehow ?

would be nice if the one who is working on that integration can send
me a mail (don't remember exacly who it was) - or maybe anyone has an
idea what might have broken cap (it is working via the bpf devices)

thanks in advance


  thomas graichen - graichen_(_at_)_rzpd_(_dot_)_de graichen_(_at_)_OpenBSD_(_dot_)_org graichen_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org

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