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as it was promissed a long time ago, we have /boot running ok on hd.
of course this needs some diffs to be done over the kernel sources (arch/i386).
in preparation to the new booting scheme on hd everybody using -current
is urged to:
1. install /boot on your hd, by using installboot -s -h switches, supplying
	BIOS geometry for your boot drive (consult fdisk(8), CMOS setup, etc)
	read i386/stand/README, installboot(8) manuals for details.
	questions are welcome.
2. try cvs:~mickey/i386.diff wich contains the needed mods for kernel.
3. for those unable to get that file, try cvs:~ftp/tmp/mickey.fs,
	wich contains ramdisk floppy w/ all that mods and apm enabled.
	install /boot to your c: drive, having boot from that floppy.

kernel w/o that diffs applied will still work.
if you won't put /boot on a hd now, you won't be able to /boot w/ a new kernel!
on friday you will get an extra notification, and diffs will be in the tree
on weekend (6-7 sep), send your notes and complaints before that date.

    paranoic mickey                    (and there was a god, but he was drunk)