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When installing OpenBSD 2.1 from boot floppy the RAMDISK kernel
manages to get the right values for "BIOS mem", and so the
"real mem" and "avail mem" values are also correct.

After I've installed, and I boot from IDE harddisk (the disk being new,
and it has boot blocks from the installation process) I end up back
with the 'old' problem of the GENERIC kernel getting the memory wrong
(it sees 63MBytes of extended memory, although the machine has more
than that) and I have to use EXTMEM_SIZE when compiling a kernel.

I understand the comment in the GENERIC kernel config file
about "Some BIOSes don't get the size of extended memory right...",
but since the BIOS gets the right values when I boot from 
the boot floppy, but the numbers end up wrong when I boot
from hard disk, I'm wondering if the problem is really with the
BIOS or with the boot blocks.

Any ideas ?
I can supply hardware details if needed.

Andrew Bangs