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ep0 bloke in 8/8 snap??

Ok, just checked the archives and didn't see anything related to this.

I just tried installing the 970808 snapshot, from ftp2.usa.openbsd.org on
a P75 test machine with a 3c905 (ep0).

Specify all my IP's in the install script, correct gateway info, blah..
blah. (I have done many installs like this) ;-)  I have link status on the
hub and routing tables look fine but nothing makes it in or out of the

Doing a quick look I can't see anything wrong.

So, I put in the 2.1-Release floppy and install the snapshot just fine
from ftp2.usa.openbsd.org through ep0.

ep0 hardware is fine
routing statements are fine

Could something have been foobared in the kernel build for the snapshot?

Too make a long story short, I got the snapshot running fine with the
2.1-Release kernel.  I am now off to do a CVS of the source and try
recompiling the kernel.

Something is bloke somewhere, I will be happy to help figure this out once
I get source.  That is, if the problem isn't known already. ;-)

 John T. Croteau {jt_(_at_)_geekopolis_(_dot_)_com}
 Founder, geekopolis.com - Minneapolis, MN - http://www.geekopolis.com