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Re: [cmakin@nla.gov.au: Re: NAT and FTP]

On Feb 17, Felix Schroeter wrote
> >You are correct.  NAT will not pass standard FTP sessions.
> That's right. By the way, the Linux IP masqerading won't either.

By default.  Load the 'ip_masq_ftp' module and it does.  There
are several applications that require 'special attention' if
one wishes to effectively allow an 'internal network' client
to speak to 'the internet at broad'.  The ftp data port is
one example, irc 'dcc get/send' is another.  Real audio is
a third.  Not a comprehensive list, but what linux has

Just wanted to set the records straight :-)

-- Todd T. Fries .. friest_(_at_)_acm_(_dot_)_org