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new mailing list

A new mailing list about ipsec and ipv6 has been setup.  If you are
interested in helping the OpenBSD project incorporate ipv6 and ipsec,
please join the list by using the majordomo_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org server as
described in the web pages.

(hint: 'echo "subscribe ipv6" | mail majordomo_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org')

OpenBSD _can_ export crypto, so we are very interested in getting ipv6
and ipsec integrated as well as some key engines and such.  We have
some crypto people in the group now but a few others would be nice to
have too.  We have been offered an exportable ipsec base to start
from; and thus far it looks like the export version of NRL is a good
ipv6 base to start from.  However, these are all things which need to
be talked about and decided.

We want to keep the list as technical as possible, so that we generate
actual "product".  If you don't know about ipv6 and ipsec, this is
probably not a good place to learn about it.  (So get yourself some
info about it and start reading! ;-)

Thanks; we'll start talking on the mailing list in a day or two when
more people have had a change to join...