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Problems booting off the 'net ...

Hello there,

After trashing my disklabel on my Sparc IPC, I'm attempting to do a network
install off a Freebsd host.  Host is, as said, a Sparc IPC with 12MB RAM,
and a 3.2GB SCSI drive.

So far, I've gotten the machine to load the bootstrap off the FreeBSD host.
However, it chokes when it tries to load the kernel.

The error messages that I get are as follows:
dc00 >> OpenBSD BOOT [$Revision 1.2 $]
boot: client IP address:
boot: client name: orion
root addr= path=/export/orion/root
Can't open network device 'le(0,0,0)'
open: /bsd: Unknown error: code 13

Would someone perhaps have any clues in this area?

How would one clear off a disklabel with a clean slate?  Any disklabels that
I've done have given me 'Bad magic number' upon boot.  Most frustrating.

Wes Brown

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