OpenBSD tech archive

  • build problem with gcc & g77 identified, Kenneth Stailey
  • heisenbug in pax/tar, Kenneth Stailey
  • SA_SIGINFO, Theo de Raadt
  • Proposed: changed to ramdisk driver, Dale Rahn
  • CD-ROMs?, Timothy Brown
  • Problems booting off the 'net ..., Bryan W Brown
  • Re: CVS: src, Jason Downs
  • Transparent Cryptographic File System, Kenneth Stailey
  • libresolv ?, Peter Galbavy
  • strange DOS partition stuff, Gestalt Therapy
  • disklabeling..., Gestalt Therapy
  • post 2.0 kernels don't boot on <80486??, Gestalt Therapy
  • hmm..., Gestalt Therapy
  • [ Re: NAT and FTP], Kenneth Stailey
  • [ Re: IPF 1.3.7 in OpenBSD 2.0 ("-current")], Kenneth Stailey
  • new mailing list, Theo de Raadt
  • NAT and FTP, et al., Warner Losh
  • mountd + nis weiredness, Thomas Graichen
  • Shell scripts started in rc.local die multi-user mode starts?, Marshall Midden
  • sparc: zs0/ttya behavior., nicholas harteau
  • route flushall, Jim Rees
  • Help deleting directory incorrectly marked as Block Special File, Tank (SPM)
  • PS/2 MCA support, Timothy Brown
  • [ Rate limiting], Kenneth Stailey
  • i386: Intel EtherExpress 16 shows up as ed, not ie?, Todd Vierling
  • OpenBSD for i386 ld Question, Doug Wyatt
  • SVR4_MAKEDEV...uh, hello?, Todd Vierling
  • Fast Ethernet Card, Elias Levy

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