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magic of western digital disks ... ?

yesterday i noticed something very strange about wd (western digital) ide
disks in OpenBSD which does'nt occur with FreeBSD - so i ask the OpenBSD
people if they have any idea and the FreeBSD people if they know about any
special stuff in the FreeBSD wd driver which works around the problem (i
remember having read something in the FreeBSD lists some time ago)

ok - and now the problem:

if i have an wd disk in the computer and it is not set in the bios (for
instance second disk on the first controller or any disk on the second
controller - old machine with only two disks in bios) it will be detected at
bootup by OpenBSD and FreeBSD correctly but i can't access it under OpenBSD
(FreeBSD works fine) - under OpenBSD i get different errors - on one machine
any try to access the disk (fdisk wd1 for instance) simply hangs the machine
on another machine i get errors like "hard error reading block ..." - but the
disk is completely ok and works fine with FreeBSD - it also works fine if it
is entered into the bios (... btw. after getting the "hard error ..." messages
i was short before throwing the disk away - until i discovered that setting it
in the bios helped :-)

i tested it with 3 different wd disks (ac2540f, ac2850h (from '94) and ac2850
(from '96)) and two different vlb eide controllers on two machines with the
same mainboard - all the same - and all other disks (conner, ibm, quantum) did
not show this problem ...

... so has anyone any idea why FreeBSD works around this problem ?

thanks in advance


  thomas graichen - graichen_(_at_)_rzpd_(_dot_)_de graichen_(_at_)_OpenBSD_(_dot_)_org graichen_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org

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