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pthreads again

I have (with the little spare time I have) started to look more closely at
getting the lastest pthreads library from Chris P into the tree.

After a quick look around, most of the stdio functions could be
dropped into libc, with a few #ifdef PTHREADS ... #endif macros
here and there. The system dependent stuff cann also be integtrated
to a degree, and as long as there is a switch to turn off the
compilation of PTHREADS into the normal tree, I would like to look
at making part of the standard source tree.

Note: most of the stdio stuff is unchanged, but has fdlockfile()
and fdunlockfile() calls around anything that hacks at file
structures. In the long term, similar hacks (sorry mutex locks)
could be placed around other data structures in libc, until one
day it might be MT clean.

If there is ever an aim to support a multithreaded kernel, there
may as well be facilities there for multi-threaded user space
programs as standard.

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