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kernel compile...

	I'm trying to compile a new kernel on my end and I am running into
a few problems.
	Right now I'm having vm_pager difficulties, and ld seg faulted and
left me a nice sized core dump. Here's what /var/log/messages says about

Oct  3 23:23:35 corinne /bsd: Data modified on freelist: word 3 of object
0xf88e34c0 size 56 previous type file (0xddadbeef != 0xdeadbeef)

I wrote to the list about it before, but after the last time, it seemed to
go away for some reason. Now, when I don't need it to be there (kernel
compile) it sneaks back up on me. Is there a newer version of the GENERIC
kernel I should use that counteracts this? My /bsd is from Sept. 27?th if
memory serves. Or, even better, is there a kernel with IPX support in it
that someone can let me use/test?


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