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yp optimization

text    data    bss     dec     hex				total size
217088  12288   28376   257752  3eed8   csh.orig		229376
217088  12288   28648   258024  3efe8   csh.after_xdr		229376
212992  12288   28904   254184  3e0e8   csh.after_yp_and_xdr	225280 (-4096)

How's that? By changing some YP stuff around I've saved a page in the
csh binary...  an i386, binary, btw.

I expect greater or equal wins in most other binaries. Anything that
does a database lookup. (Quick, name a program that doesn't!)a

While I was fixing a bunch of other bugs (grr, horrible ones) in the
YP & XDR stuff, I decided to investigate splitting the YP & RPC
functions into a bunch of seperate files.  Hence, programs no longer
needs to link in a bunch of unneccessary YP functions like yp_order(),
yp_all() ... *and* their associated XDR functions.  I think in some
simpler cases programs also avoid pulling in a few RPC functions.

I'm still trying to figure out why the bss grew.  This is a static
binary, so I'm not sure. Any ideas?

There might be a shared library compatibility issue, because 4 _'d
variables can no longer be static. But that's largely irrelevant
because there is another bug fix in there which kills shared library
compatibility anyways...

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