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FreeBSD fdformat

I would like to be able to format floppies without having to boot DOS.
I've therefore been thinking about merging the FreeBSD fdformat into

Unfortunately, though, this would only be an i386 solution.  The
FreeBSD stuff is i386-specific, and I have access neither to other
architectures nor to information on how to format format floppies on
those architectures.  Moreover, the machine/ioctl_fd.h file from
FreeBSD seems i386 specific--maybe it should be generalized.

So...  What do people think the proper solution is?  Would it be
acceptable to put in the FreeBSD fdformat stuff first, and then leave
it to the next person to generalize it when porting it to a different
floppy controller on another architecture?  Does someone have any
ideas on a better way of going about it?  Is FreeBSD's
machine/ioctl_fd.h "close enough" to what you would need on other
architectures that I should just put it in "sys/ioctl_fd.h" and not
worry to much?