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OK I think the problem I had was just with the source tree, I noticed
that my cvs update before I built the kernel had updated sys/net/if.c
and another update to sys/net/if.c had been made since so I made a new kernel
and now it works... bugs crept up and killed..anyways, I wonder if
the kern.clockrate (sysctl) settings dealing with hz and tickadj do much...
hz defaults to 100 I guess in the sparc port and if I'm not mistaken,
Allen Briggs set up the mac68k port to use 60 hz.  I don't know where this
is used but it could be important? (I remember running Microsoft Xenix
on a Tandy trs-80 16b (6000) and it cared about the hz rate ;)
also tickadj is set to some obscene value (for me, -128565568)...



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