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Re: Multiple SCSI devices uder OpenBSD/sparc

> > 	'choking on multiple scsi devices' is the only OpenBSD/sparc
> > 	specific problem I have encountered. It would probably be a very
> > 	good idea to have a 'projects' openbsd web page listing projects
> > 	looking for a home (and maybe projects underway if people want)
> > 
> I am using a Jan 7 kernel on my 4/110 with a quantum empire 1080S
> and lightning 365S...They both work fine with this and earlier kernels
> in polled and polled/DMA mode.. Std. sw dma driver problems apply.  but
> everything works-i've also used a pre-scsi1 esdi<-->scsi drive and
> lightning 365S at the same time with earlier kernels..
	My apologes - its the esp driver under OpenBSD/sparc that has
	the problems. (I should have stated that).


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