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Help with config

I am trying to build openbsd on my Sun 4/3XX.  I did a cvs get src
to get all the source.   Now I cd to /sys/arch/sparc/conf and copied
SUN4 to my hostname 'JUBILEE'.  When I try to config JUBILEE it always

jubilee# config JUBILEE
maxusers not specified; 8 assumed
config: symlink(../compile/JUBILEE/machine -> ../../include): No such file or direc
config: symlink(../compile/JUBILEE/sparc -> machine): No such file or directory
*** Stop.            

However if I go to ../compile ther is a Jubille directory with a
ln machine to ../../include and spare -> machine

Because of this,  I cant build a new kernel.  Any ideas?  I am 
new to the *BSD family.  

ALSO,  is there any where to get some documentation for *BSD?  I looked
all over the OpenBSD and that "other"BSD home page but couldnt find anything
really informative.  I bought a bsd book but surely there are some
specifics unique to each project